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  1. I was just wondering why... I have previously purchased Chanel but always through Nordstrom. I was desperately searching for a black GST with SHW and Nordstrom did not have one and had no idea when one would be available. I just could not wait. So I called Chanel and they let me know that they could not sell anything to me over the phone because I could not go into a local boutique and purchase something and get my name in their system. I do not live in a city that has a Chanel boutique so that puts me at a big disadvantage, right? I called every department store that I could think of and alas Saks in NYC had what I was looking for and now my new beautiful GST is here. I will, next chance I get, go into a Chanel boutique and get my name on that list...but still, anyone know the reason for this?
  2. they actually added to their policy that unless you go in person with a CC on file, they cannot put your name on a waitlist (at least in NYC, which is the one I go to)
  3. I am a bit confuse on this profile on system thing. I thought once you have bought something in chanel, either in dept stores or boutiques a profile is created and it is universal across the world. But by the sound of thing a dept store has a profile of you that is separate from your profile in chanel boutique?:what:
  4. Yes, apparently the Chanel system of the boutiques is separate from the department store database. Chanel will have your name in their system even if you bought 10 years ago, but they won't be able to see what you bought 10 years ago. The new policy about not sending anything (even shoes or a wallet) unless you are in the database is new and I don't get it, especially when they are still selling en masse to resellers. Allegedly all these new rules are aimed at helping the Chanel customer, but they are truly making it harder and harder. Now, if they would make all the bags by hand using no machines and up the quality, I can see them going to the Hemes way (as was discussed in 2010 and earlier), but not the way they are having issues still (such as the metallic colored patent boys at present).
  5. My boutique SA told me today that even though I am in their database, my Credit Card and I must be present in store to do a classic purchase, because they need to imprint the card now.
  6. This is the way it's been for me for over a year. I have to be in the store that has the classic bag with my card in hand. I've been in their database for buying RTW, bags, shoes, fine jewelry, etc. for many years and that's how it has been.
  7. This has been discussed a lot here. They're trying to prevent resellers from buying up classic bags.
    Before, you could get on a waitlist at every store in town and end up w/ 5 HTF bags, then mark them up and sell them on eBay. it's much harder to do that now. This way they can track your purchases and if you buy high volume they can watch you for reselling.
  8. Or every time you go in, they will have a rack of the newest RTW out for you to try on, along with coordinating shoes and then the jewelry department comes to tell you they just got in a new bangle, necklace, what have you. :smile:

    The resellers seem to still be going strong, with some in the past week having 5 of the same "it" bags to sell, and selling them at 3x the cost, so I think Chanel needs to rethink how their policies are working out. They seem to be restricting loyal customers more than resellers from what I see on the 'bay.
  9. They need to look closer at their SA's IMO ;)
  10. Hi, Tutu.

    I just read your post and wanted to mention what the SA in Paris said to me when I purchased my bag. I had to go in the next day to exchange the one I bought because the flap was slightly lopsided and it bothered me. The SA said that because the bags are hand made, they would be slightly off. I asked her again if the bags were machine made or hand made and she still insisted that they were hand made...I'm confused now as I always thought they were all made by machines. :confused1:
  11. They are machine stitched, not made by hand.
  12. That's what I thought, which is why I asked the SA twice if they were hand stitched. Even my hubby thought her answer was wrong. I wonder why she would say that....:thinking: I wonder if it's because I came to exchange the bag and any kind of exchange or return seemed to be very frowned upon. The store manager had even come out to check over the bag. :shrugs:
  13. Thanks for clearing this up for me. This is definitely making it harder to buy chanel via mail order. It means a loyal customer has to make different purchases in boutiques and whichever dept stores in order to have a chance to be waitlisted. Not good:thumbdown::thumbdown: