Chanel Poetry Time

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  1. :p I want a -
    Baby Caba
    It can be white
    and teal's alright!
    Have you seen any?
    There used to be many
    Oh you i would kiss
    if you help me jump the list!
    that small(ish) leather baby
    will be mine, maybe
    i dream of her lately
    it should be my fate-ly
    That she becomes my daughter
    come hell or high water
    Her medallion charm
    Bumping me on the arm
    So my friends from this place
    You know my taste........
    So keep me in mind
    so i no longer will whine.......

  2. that is so lovely! haha enjoy reading it!
  3. :lol: :lol:
  4. hmmmm.....

    Claudia makes me cry..
    with her tales of Chanel highs
    is cabas meant to be?
    Im sure we will see

    I own but two
    id never say Adieu
    good luck my friend
    itll soon be your next charge send.......

    ROFL...DANG..Im havin surgery at 6 am and I havent even started the pain meds yet.......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
  5. :roflmfao: You guys crack me up!

    Good luck tomorrow, Jill!
  6. OMG claudia!ure so funny!!!hehe
    and u 2 Jill!!LOL!!

    anyway, good luck w/ ur surgery, Jill!
  7. LOL LOL

    Jill's so cute
    i envy her so
    so many Chanels
    oh oh oh!
    but tomorrow
    in her life
    the twins shall be born
    on her slender bod
    they will adorn
    Coco and Cabas they shall be named
    perhaps i shall get one
    teehee, J'taime!!!

  8. Haha! What a Chanel Addict! Even in poems! Nice reading!

  9. OMG..I just fell off the bed laughing.:roflmfao: .....U named my new "girls" for me..AWE!!!!:heart:
    You rock girl..Hugs....LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. ohh, good luck Jill!