Chanel Pochette question

  1. Hi all, This is my first time posting. So exciting. I just bought a pochette at Bloomingdales. I really wanted it in black but the sa kind of forced the bronze on me. Probably because that's what she had in stock. Anyway, once I got home I noticed the bottom seam is off. I wouldn't mind but for $795 I expect better.
    My questions are should I return? Can she order it in black? And one more - does anyone know what the next bag would be expense wise? I think there is a big jump from this one to the next.
    Sorry for being so long. Thanks for your help!
  2. I'm assuming you bought the Cotton Club Pochette, you didn't say. I woud definately take it back and have her get one for you in black, but that's just IMO. And as far as the next bag up from that line, would be the Cotton Club Bowler and it's $1750. Hope that helps.
  3. ^ im sure it must be cotton club pochette..

    and if ure not happy, u can bring it back to her and say that u want exchange in black..
    hm..i think pst/gst or cabas would be nice:smile: