Chanel plum/violet classic flap

  1. Does anyone actually have the plum classic flap on caviar or lambskin? I cannot stop going back to the post, continue to look at this picture. I put in on my favorites so that I do not need to search for the page. Would love a jumbo on caviar.
  2. I don't have it, but I saw it in Saks 57th st and it is beautiful - it is a muted purple!!!
  3. Japskvit,
    Was it in caviar? I don't know if I should get it or not. I will call my SA tommorrow and check to see if and when it will be available here. However, I know that I cannot stop going back to the page, maybe that is a sign. We also like the new bronze color. Prehaps, in the flap because my daughter already has the large gold metallic bowling. Or should we go for the medium bowling? What do you think? Now I read your post on the 2.55 colors, OMG, this must stop. Then there is ACT11 coming, there is no hope for us.
  4. it was caviar... I have the med. bronze bowler - I love it... the flap is just too small for me
  5. The Chanel boutique on Madison Ave had a jumbo caviar last Wednesday. It's gorgeous :love:
  6. Jumbo caviar is gorgeous, sounds good . I will try and locate one here. I am going to look at the picture again before I go to bed. It is getting late here, but I need one more look.
  7. japskvit,
    Are the straps longer on the medium bowler? The lagre it my all means a hand/arm held bag.
  8. it isn't a shoulder bag... but I can carry it on my shoulder
  9. The straps are just about long enough to put your arms through and let the bag rest on your shoulder. It is definitely not very roomy under your arm and the bag. There are several pictures of the bowler on celebrities, so you can gauge how long the straps are.

    The thing to note is the 2 straps on the classic flap is moveable, so you can lengthen the strap on one side to make it a sling bag (just not across your torso though). The 2 straps on the bowler is fixed.
  10. there is a lambskin flap at the scp chanel. it's such a beautiful color!
  11. The lambskin plum medium classic is better looking than the violet classic caviar (east/west) style, imo. Saw both style in SF Chanel.
  12. It comes in caviar?! Bought the jumbo lamb, but second guessing. May get the M/L. May get the caviar if they have it!
  13. This thread is 5 years old :smile: it's about the most coveted 2006 violet caviar.
  14. lol i thought the same thing... why bump a 5 year old thread? got me all excited!
  15. lol. My bad ladies. I was searching for any thread on the 11A plum/purple and just clicked anything while neglecting to look at the date. Sorry :smile: