Chanel Pink tweed special HK edition

  1. Hello
    What do you gals think on this bag?
    I went to chanel shop last night but couldn't decide on which one to pick. then i saw this one which is a special edition for the new shop in HK. it's pink/beige/white/gold.
    this is my first chanel classic flap and i just don't wanna go wrong with it. i wanna buy beige but only lambskin is available.
  2. Credit: photo is from Ming Pao
  3. oh it's really pretty! i usually like bags in leather, but this is a soft, delicate design. hmm im thinking of a jumbo classic flap in denim teehee!
  4. Love it!!
  5. its amazing!!

    Which Chanel boutique is that? HK?
  6. That is a very pretty bag, and would look great to wear for this season
  7. nice bag :smile:

    off topic here but to those residing in HK, would you by chance know the price of the Chanel bowling bag in sizes SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE?

    It seems like its cheaper in HK compared to the USA..correct me if I am wrong :smile:
  8. wow
    i really love this bag?but i think for ur first flap u should go for leather and then go into different materials..but it's really edittion u say?
    how much is it in HK?
  9. Beautiful Summer bag! Do you have other Chanel bags?
  10. That is such a cute bag!
  11. yes yes, it's available in HK only cause it's designated for the new shop opening end last year. so, limited edition. retails for HK$14200

    this is my first flap and i wanna think twice. leather sure is my first option and i'd like beige, but only lambskin is available here. i'm afraid i'll get it into a "dark sheep" sooner or later.
  12. this is my first classic flap. i do have a beige cambon bowling, but seldom use.
  13. If it is your first Chanel, I wouldnt go with that. I would go with a black classic flap bag in caviar.
  14. Bill bill do u know if they can ship abroad? I wanted to order that bag when i was in Singapore! But the SA's told me that wasn't allowed :sad:
  15. hi shoog

    this is an exclusive bag in HK and not available elsewhere. maybe you can call to the HK shop to ask if they can take your order and then mail to you. :yes: