Chanel Pink Tote

  1. Hello Ladies,
    I am new to the blog...
    I have the pink cc large tote in cavier that I bought in March and the bottom sides and under the straps are fading and turning black. I am so not happy. I bought it at Neimans for 1600.00 I took it back to them on the advice from my local Chanel salesperson, because I was told it appeared to be defective. Neimans disagreed and said that it was wear and tear. I had a spill on the side, that I did not see and did not wipe, so they told me that I basically did not take care of the bag... I have bought 5 chanel bags and countless shoes from them and did not like the response. I made a bigger stink, so they said they would refurbish it after the summer for free and WAIVE the normal $450 charge. My question is, is there anyone out there with the same bag and had the same problems.. I now want the Black tote, but am skeptical because of this issue.
    I am in MD:hysteric:
  2. I've never heard that before really. . . not least not when the person swore it wasn't truly wear and tear. I can imagine if you wear dark clothing this could happen.
  3. do you have photos of the defect?
    Hmm...many chanel bags do have minor problems and unfornuately they don't consider those "defects"
  4. so on a chanel purse, the chains and hardware never oxidize and darken with time? wow...!
  5. I think it also depends on who you talk to..were you friendly with either of the SAs you spoke to?
    I got my multipocket fixed for free since it had a minor "defect" and by looking at it, you were able to tell that it wasn't because of carelessness on my part. Also, I'm close with the SA and that helped a lot.
  6. no, its DYED leather, only natural leather will oxidize:yes: it does get softer with age though something i love!
  7. ^she was referring to the hardware not oxidizing.
  8. o LOL i think im out of it today Sorry!
  9. yes i was referring to the hardware. does anyone have a chanel purse they've had for a while, and has the hardware turned dark?
  10. my best friend had a cambon reporter where the leather on the sides were coming out or "flaking off" as u might say it and it turned black too. she also had that problem w/ color transfer on the corner sides from her jeans. her reporter was close to a year old and she called up Saks to complain about it. Saks offered her to return the bag & even searched for a new bag for her to exchange out. they said that if they didnt have the exact same bag to exchange out for her, they would give her money back!!! I'm sure some of the flaking & the color transfer was due to her normal wear/tear but it shouldnt be that bad if you only had it since March. My friend had hers for close to a year & Saks was so nice about it too. She also had a incident where she accidentally spilled some sort of oil on her Fendi spy bag after only having it for a week & Saks still offered to replace/exchange it out, but unfortunately Saks had run out of that particular color.
  11. I don't have any from THAT long ago, "oldest" ones are my cambons I got when they first came out. But I haven't noticed any color changes on any hardware from any of the styles I have.
  12. chanel is indeed a good fashion investment! so pretty and sophisticated, yet classic and timeless, they never go out of style. :smile:
  13. I should clarify this, the hardware is fine, however the medallion piece on the zipper keeps popping off- It dropped off one when i was getting out my car. I left work and searched the entire parking lot for the medallion. I found it.
    Also the bag is not turning black do to the jeans or anything, it is like the other lady said the color/paint is peeling off in certain areas.. I was really nice to everyone. The store manager made the decision, he had is personal assistant call me back.. I have 5 other chanel bags which I have had longer and none of them have done that. I guess because it is pink..I love chanel the quality of there mechandise is impeccable, but this time I believe I got a lemon.. LOL
    So hopefully when they refurbish it, it will look like new...
    Thanks for all the comments...
  14. oooh bad zipper? thats interesting to know... I can imagine that happening on the medallion though...its tough leather, shape unusual and has a zipper at top (hard for zipper to stay in place)

    Do let us know how it looks after they refurbish it - I've always been curious about Chanel after they get fixed (if damage appears to be semi-defect) and not just worn or dirted.
  15. Here are the pictures of the pink tote with the issue
    it looks much worse in person, i could not cover all the areas
    pinktote.jpg pinktote2.jpg pinktote3.jpg pinktote4.jpg pinktote5.jpg pinktote6.jpg