chanel pink reporter

  1. Hi Ladies

    I know i am late in wanting this bag. but if anyone see or know where i can get the pink reporter, please pm me. :smile:

    Really desperate to get one now.. :crybaby:

    thank you in advance.
  2. I saw it this weekend, I went to 2 nieman's. I believe I saw at the White Plains, NY store. Call there, if not, then Paramus, NJ. But I think it was White Plains. Good Luck. It was a good sale price but I can't remember it now.
  3. Bloomingdales is now in 40% off Cambon mode so you might want to try your local store. Perhaps they can do a system wide search for you.

  4. maybe it was NY because paramus does not sell Chanel.unless it may have been a return. but good luck.
  5. Superbaby, did you find your pink reporter? It was the White Plains mall that had it, I doubt anybody bought it.
  6. Are they not making pink reporter bags anymore? I don't see them anywhere either. Actually, has this style ever come out in small?
  7. Do you have the phone number to that place? Please PM me if you do. :heart: :yes:
  8. Your not the only one...I guess that i've been so caught up with LV that i didn't have the time for a Chanel?
  9. Oh me too. I so want a reporter to be my first Chanel. I am hoping to have some luck in Dubai next month. Has anyone shopped there recently?
  10. the pink is sold out! and actually getting the !"hot" styles is not easy
  11. Superbaby - the NM in White Plains, NY has a pink/black Reporter on sale for around $1300! 877-634-6289. Ask for Maan in handbags.
  12. Roey, when did you see it???? I was at NM yesterday and the only two bags they had on sale were the pink pochette and the handheld single flap. Did someone return it today?
  13. I called the store lookking for black/white Reporter and Maan said she only has the pink/black Reporter. Maybe it is not on the floor?
  14. Maybe it was on hold for someone and they didn't want it anymore?? Anyway, if Superbaby is still interested, she should give them a call!
  15. I saw that pink reporter personally up close last sunday, but who knows if it's gone now. Superbaby, did you call, I did pm you.