Chanel Pink Flaps in Medium or Jumbo?

  1. Has anyone seen ANY Chanel Flap in pale/light/baby pink? Lately, I've been regretting :crybaby: not purchasing the patent blush flap that was seasonal and now i long for it. any info and location for any chanel baby pink flap or even the blush flap would be great. TIA
  2. check your PM, I saw one at a store the other day!
  3. cis -- could you PM me that info too?

  4. Store info sent ^
  5. I saw lots of pink bags at Hirshleifer's (Chanel boutique on Long Island) about two weeks ago. The lady who sold me my bag is Mary. number 800-401-9313.
  6. last week i saw a blush lambskin in nm san francisco
  7. I'm pretty sure I saw a medium pink caviar flap at NM white plains a week ago... number is 914-428-2000... good luck! :smile:
  8. i saw a medium light/baby pink lambskin at NM in Palo Alto 650-329-3300 not too long ago =)
  9. NM San Antonio has some pink
  10. thanks everyone! ive been constantly looking and did see some pink flaps but they werent screaming for my name..i guess im still on the look out for the blush color flaps =) let me know if anyone of you has seen one (no lambskin for me tho..)