Chanel pink dangle earrings CC

  1. Hi. Has anyone seen these cute earrings anywhere? They are around 1"high by 1 1/2" wide & made of acrylic. I'd love to have them. :graucho: I've called around, but I haven't had any luck. :sad: So please PM me if you see them. Thanks.
  2. Well, I called Chanel & they located some pink dangle earrings with crystals, but they are not exactly like these. I'm waiting for a boutique to call. I really thought these were cute for summer.
  3. I want these in white. I called my local store but they don't have any in. Price anyone?
  4. I was just at the Chanel in South Coast Plaza last night and they do have a large selection of Jewelry, including small crystal cc's and enamel jewelry as well.

    I bought my first pair of the small crystal cc's and my DH thought "oh it looks nice". He's so funny.

    Sorry, I'm digressing. :smile: Here is the number:

    714 754-7455

    Good Luck!!!!:tup:
  5. I have them in the clear w/ sparkles...I wanted the pink and the turquoise but they were very hard to get..

    i have not seen any in Canada for quite some time...

    best of luck in your search!
  6. :rolleyes:It's from the last year collection and I think it's may hard to find now.