Chanel Pink cavier mini flap is available at 2nd cut

  1. Hi:

    My SA is holding a Chanel Pink Cavier mini flap for me and the price is soo good. It is about $6xx.xx after the 2nd cut sale.

    Please PM me if you are interested so I can forward you my SA's info.

  2. Sorry guys, the mini flap is MINE :yes: Thank you to Chloe_concord for head's up :heart:
  3. congrats, angel, i know you've been looking for that bag, and now at such a good price.
  4. Yup takeoutbox. It's finally mine now. BTY, have you got your bag yet??
  5. no, it's on route right now, it should arrive by the end of next week...btw, what colored hardware is your pink mini?
  6. sounds awesome, congrats angel!
  7. Thank you Sheanabelle.

    takeoutbox, I didn't even ask. But I doubt it's probably gold. I'm not really picky with the hardware color thou. What is yours?? did you know?
  8. Lol Angel you are so funny! Congrats on the new bag!
  9. mine is silver.
  10. takeoutbox, my SA just called today. I'll get the bag on tuesday. yay:yahoo: . I asked her about the hardware she said it was silver too. I'm too excited now. ;) I think I want a pink medallion tote now. Keep me posted if you hear anything about it kay. tiA.:heart:
  11. wow, that's an amazing deal you got yourself there... now i'm upset with myself for skipping the forum a couple of days.