Chanel Pink Caviar Bowler

  1. Hi I was wondering if anyone has the Chanel pink caviar bowler. I love this bag and have the chance to purchase one. My first Chanel and I was wondering if the lining was made in pink and in beige. I have seen both. The one I am going to buy has beige lining just want to be sure. Also for people who own this bag do you wear it a lot since it is pink ?

  2. I have this bag and love it! The lining was made in both beige and pink. The more recent lining was made in pink. It is a very comfortable bag to carry; and because it is caviar you can relax and enjoy it. I would definitely recommend it!
  3. If this is your first Chanel I would recommend that you stick to a neutral color such as black, beige, brown, dark silver, dark gold, etc. You can use it more often. I have a pink flap and love it but don't think I can use it everyday.
  4. Thanks for the info NYpersonal shopper. I have been eyeing this paticular bag for a while. Lucky I have a chance to buy one.

    Bag Chic... I know what you mean about it being pink. I have a brown Gucci Britt with cream trim I use for everyday... I would like to have a chanel also for everyday use in black. Maybe If i get this I will have to buy another one in black when I can afford it.. although I do wear a lot of pink and white in the summer. This could be a summer bag ? :smile: I am hoping I can find some boutiques in Italy when I go back later this summer that have preowned chanels.... I have found some prada preowned at thrifts in italy.

    Are there any modeling pics here with this bag?
  5. I totally agree :yes: My first was a black GST and I'm so glad I got it in black because it goes with EVERYTHING...
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  9. Not really modeling picture....but might help.

    Great with all pink and even black. I use mine once a month, mainly because I rotate bags daily, and I have 3 pink bags. Btw, my pink bowler has beige lining.
  10. Ohhh, I actually ended up using this bag today!! :smile: I have several pink bags, and don't use this one too often, but I needed something with gold h/w to complement my necklace and shoes (well, my entire outfit). :smile: Here is a pic of me with my bowler:
  11. I am resurecting this semi-ancient thread to see how the pink bowler is holding up... The ladies that own one - perhaps they would be kind enough to let us know if they use it/like it much... still.:smile:
  12. I have this bag and never used it since I purchased it a couple years ago. I have the pink interior one. Luv the color though. The bag is just a little small.
  13. thank you so much for your imput. Its a gorgeous looking bag - I just wonder how they stand the test of time...I had it in a chartreuse - and never used it... What on earth possessed me to buy a green bag? Pink is easier to incorporate in your wardrobe though isn't it? Post here if you love it:heart::heart::heart: but never use it...:tdown:
  14. anyone else has the pink bowler? it was very popular....
  15. hello lovely princess! I wonder if this style gets used much and if not why not? People used to go wild about it a few years ago...;)