Chanel Pink Cambon Pouchette

  1. Hi Girls. I am new the forum. Actually this is my first post! :yes: I was hoping you can help me. I am looking for a Chanel Pink Cambon Pouchette bag. Since its been discontinued, I'm having a hard time finding one. Has anyone seen one? Know where I may be able to find one? I know ebay may be a possibility, however that would be my last choice since I know there are so many fakes on ebay. Please help..thanks
  2. I've only seen them on ebay. They are officially gone from the stores.
  3. they still have on in canada! i believe its located in vancouver somewhere
  4. Chanel Princess, have you seen the pink cambon large tote?? Or has anyone?? I really, really want one but can't find it...:crybaby:
  5. Chanel Princess, Thxs. I'll call tomorrow. Do you know if it was discounted due to being discontinued? It doesn't matter, I'm still getting it if they have it, just curious.
  6. I have a large pink cambon tote, got it from ebay though. never seen anymore pink ones in any stores here.
  7. sorry i have not seen the large pink cambon tote in a while... but call your local store and get them to do a computer check for you...
    and no its not discounted... the canadian chanel boutiques did not discount the discontinued cambon colours... i asked and my response was that it works differently in canada than in the states =(
  8. Yea, it's most likely all gone from the US stores but try the Canadian stores. Or you can call a Saks/Neimans and find a really nice SA who can try to locate you one
  9. I called Chanel three days ago.

    The woman working said beige and pink were allllll gone.
  10. She also said the black would be discontinued soon so i'm going to pick mine up the day after christmas!
  11. MrsHurd. Thanks so much for your post. I guess my best option is ebay :crybaby: I just hope I don't get scammed.
  12. Just make sure you post the auction links in the Authenticate This thread in the Chanel subforum and get them authenticated by expert PFers before you bid. There are some really good fakes out there! Good luck!!!!!! :yes:
  13. Actually the pink is out of production.
    In Canada they may not have been 'discontinued' but I bet you're starting to see less of them as there's none left to order.
  14. ooh really? do u think they're gonna have another one of those cambon sales that i've read so much about??
    i do hope so as i am planning to hit up nyc right before xmas!
  15. Yes vancouver still has pink with black
    white with black
    black on patent black
    and white with python