chanel pink bags and others at Coral Gables, N.M

  1. Ladies, went to Neiman Marcus at Coral Gables, Merrick Place yesterday and on the second floor, in the chanel clothing boutique they had all kinds of bags which were not downstairs in the Chanel handbag/accessory boutique., among them 4 gorgeous pink bags, and several other models which were not not know, if any of you are looking for something and the regular chanel handbag boutique does not have it at Neiman's ask to speak to the Chanel Clothing boutique on the 2nd floor, I have read some of you could not find pink, and there they were, on the second floor.!-if you want me to get a SA name at the clothing department let me know.:heart:H
  2. very interesting...
  3. thanks for letting us know!...i'm calling right now, lol!
  4. Thanks for the info. I don't know why they would be in a different location. Maybe someone was trying them on?
  5. Did you see any Pink/salmon Jumbo Expandable Flaps?\
    If yes, then I would appreciate the SA contact info please * I will call in the morning.
    Thank you!
  6. Girl, back in March, you helped me with my lovely pink cavier w gold chain. Love ya!
  7. Love ya 2:heart:H