Chanel Pill Accessories!

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  1. I'm still trying to find more pill accessories, but so far I've only seen the earrings and the charm bracelet on tPF. I desperatelyy needdd Chanel pills!! :push: Unfortunately none of the stores nearby have gotten anything! I called NM San Diego...nothing. I went to the boutique at SCP last week and they said they wouldn't be receiving any. I was just hoping I could actually see what other styles are available before I make my purchase. I don't know of any stores would be willing to send pictures since I'm not a customer who frequently makes purchases. Any help would be greatlyy appreciated. :heart:
  2. You can always called one of the boutiques in las vegas at the wynn or bellagio, i called them and they always have what i'm looking for.... though when i went to the chanel at the wynn a few days ago i only saw the earrings that i purchased nothing else? I hope you find the other accessories and def let me know i love the line too!
  3. You can also try the 1-800 Chanel #
  4. the chanel boutique at the bellagio had pill earrings in stock when i was there last week. happy hunting!
  5. I saw the LookBook at the Chanel boutique and they only had the earrings, charm bracelet, and charm belt available. The belt has A LOT of charms on it, so I think it will be pretty pricey.

    I called the 1-800 number to inquire about this line and they told me that the only pieces released in the US are what we've already seen. All of the other pieces in this line were only released in Europe :sad:.
  6. a necklace is also available.