Chanel Pics from NM the Book

  1. I've been playing with my scanner and thought I would post some pics to tPF. Some may have been posted before but we are always look for more pictures!
    ChanelNM1.jpg ChanelNM2.jpg ChanelNM3.jpg ChanelToteNM.jpg patch1.jpg
  2. I like the last one.:smile:
  3. Thanks!!
  4. Of course the one I like is 2500 dollars. Ug.
  5. They just sent out a little designer catalog from NM. It has a beautiful burgundy red calf's hair bag. Will try to scan the pic in for all to see.
  6. GraceKelly,

    What is the name of the designer catalog from NM?
  7. After seeing the catalog, my mom wants that patent leather bag now. She put her name down for it yesterday lol.
  8. i think that is one of the nicest patchwork ive ever seen
  9. I love these pics, gorgeous!

    thanks for sharing!