CHANEL pics from Interview & Nylon magazine

  1. These are from Nylon March '07 and feature the charm bag and some matching shoes as well as two Chanel rings.

    The shoes are really edgy- at first I was like too much then they started to grow on me so I like them now- what do you ladies think?

    These are from Interview March '07 and feature some interesting pharmaceutical-inspired fashion and jewelry. Not so sure about these lol.
  2. I need that bracelet with all the charms on this out in stores???
    I was just at Chanel a few days ago and didn't see it...but I def need that bracelet!!!
  3. Thanks for posting those!!
  4. Thanks for posting---
    Those Lucky Charm shoes:nuts:

  5. The charm bracelet is not Chanel it is by a brand called C.H.A.R.M according to the credits.
  6. I wonder how much the Charm shoes are....the bag is around 5K so my guess is the shoes are pretty high too. 1K or so is my guess!
  7. It says "All clothes and accessories by CHANEL", and there's CC logos on the charms. I hope Chanel does make this line! I'm in the medical field, so I would wear these accessories. I need more info!
  8. Thanks for sharing! :yes:
  9. Love the shoes!
  10. I thought the charm bag was more like $7500. Either way . . . .
  11. Wow...not for me though.
  12. Love the pics - thanks for posting. But that's a whole lotta bling for me.
  13. That charm bracelet is by Chanel, it's part of Act 2.
  14. The price of the shoes has to be up there with the bag because with both pieces the charms are raised (real charms). Wonder if they're glued on with hot glue. The shoes remind me of the glam rock platform shoes of the David Bowie era!
  15. Yes, the one in the Interview mag pics of the pills one is by Chanel of course.
    I thought she was referring to the gold one in the Nylon mag pics which is not made by Chanel according to the credits- it says it is by C.H.A.R.M.