Chanel pics from Harper's Bazaar March '07

  1. Neiman Marcus ad- love the flats!


    Chanel bangles:

    The flats in red:

    Chanel cuff:

    Comparing the Coco Cabas to a trash bag lol:
  2. WOW...I fall in love with Chanel more and more each day.

    I love the red peep toes!
  3. I also love that flats.

    Thanks for sharing.
  4. I like them in black. I wear black so much you'd think I was in widow's weeds. (I'm afraid of red. It screams look at me.)
  5. omg i think im in love!! :love::love: Are the flats out in stores yet?
  6. Those shoes aren't out yet. I love that bag :heart: ... I wonder how it would look on the shoulder... if it would even would fit on the shoulder...
  7. oooh that cuff is gorge!
  8. Love the bag, do they list a name for it?? More info!!!!
  9. Oh my god...that bag is to die for. Does anyone know name and price? And when it will be out?
  10. I believe that bag is the rock and chain and is currently in Neiman Marcus's The Book in Black and White.
  11. I like that bag more and more every time I see it. It looks like a grown up Cabas!
  12. I'm starting to like the Rock & Chain more & more!
  13. :girlsigh: So pretty...thanks for posting!
  14. I called the BH store, they said its $1975 and should be out the end of March, I put my name down for one....the fact it was under $2200 got me all excited.....I think I've been brainwashed.

    Guess I'll be returning the Louboutin's I just bought so I can feed my purse obsession.
  15. Do those flats have the CC logo on them anywhere?