CHANEL Pics from Harper's Bazaar, Elle, & NM Catalog

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  1. just wanted to share some eyecandy...:graucho:



  2. Thanks for sharing, sammiekat! I love that red pump with the small cc logo on the back side, wonder if they have it in black color.:heart:
  3. this pic looks like it got cut off so here it is again-

  4. wow thanks for posting sammiekat! i'm on the waitlist for the turquoise croc but heard it's satin material so i might pass since i can't stand satin.
  5. They do have the pumps in black- it says in the description. :yes:
  6. Thanks for posting! OMG, did you check out the price of the ring? :wtf:
  7. Thanks for the post!!!:smile:
  8. Thanks for all the eyecandy Sammiekat-too bad the cc charm bags are so expensive!:girlsigh:
    BTW I've got the white Madison 10 days ago and the chain and chain trim are so sparkling and the leather so soft ,the price was 1590Euros approx. $2150 though, except if this on the pix is a smaller version.:confused1:
  9. Yes Jenn, I did....:girlsigh::weird::upsidedown::s::wacko:

    Thanks for sharing though! :flowers:
  10. On closer review of the great items you posted I noticed the LE with the pearl necklace is shown and the price is $3200 +.....hmmm, I just called the SA at NM, who I pre-ordered this from as she told me $2900- $2995 or so, when I was in last week. Now, I get told a different story on the phone....time will tell but I don't know if it will find a home with me.

    Thanks again for the post!!!:smile:
  11. OMG that turquoise reissue...:drool::drool: is that crocodile?? i didn't see a description or price on it...:love:
  12. I saw them in black at the boutique when i bought my flats! :yes::yes::yes:

    Thanks for posting!! Love the pics!! :heart::heart:
  13. Great pics! Thank you for posting!
  14. great pics! thanks for posting!
  15. Thanks for sharing, those red peep toes are TDF!
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