chanel phyton - does anybody own one?

  1. This girl sitting next to me when I was having a manicure today had a red python jumbo. I went to the Chanel store straight after and ordered one in from Nice. I haven't committed to buying it yet as it will be a toss up between this and the pale beige/yellow they have in the cruise collection. Does anybody have a Chanel python? Is it high maintenance? Thx
  2. i got one for my mom for xmas. she has the medium flap with the tassle in greenish grey. since the scales are so delicate, u have to be careful where you place it. just care for it like you would any lambskin bag. it surely is a classic piece that you can use for years. pricey but worth every penny. good luck with it!
  3. i believe the pfer Maxter has one if you do a search....she has a gorgeous python chanel bag.
  4. I have a python flap :love: but i have not brought her out yet.. :shame: waiting for that one special occassion! :p I have carried her a few times in the house and would not say she is very hard to take care of.. :yes: but u do have to be a little careful with her scales. Im sure u will love her to bits if u get one! She is a real beauty!

  5. Maxter started this whole python trend, and I got hooked on her bag and now have 4 python lovelies of my own - blue, white, black, bronze (See the Chanel Reference folder for them). I was told to use DYO reptile conditioner and have used it on 2 of my Gucci pythons,and recently the black Chanel python. Maxter was told that they can be taken to the Chanel store to get treated.

    Think of python skin as you do your hair. The thing with python is that the scales aren't as porous as leather, so if you don't condition it regularly, the scales with lift and curl from being dry (like split ends). If you leave the python in direct sunlight for too long, it will dry out and cause the scales to lift. That is why you have to be vigilant about keeping them conditioned Rain isn't so bad for them because python skin repels water well. Just remember to condition after air-drying.
  6. Me?? Me?? w-jade you are the Python Queen and I think you need to change your subtitle under name to say so!! LOL

    Believe it or not I was seriously considering selling my bag last week. But I took mine to a wedding this weekend and I fell in love all over again. If I did sell her I would get another python but a tote this time. I don't own any other Chanel flaps other than this one.

    The best thing about this bag is it is extremely light!
  7. I have the turquoise python bag. I would have loved to get the red though...:love: sounds amazing!:nuts:
  8. Ooohhh. I love turquoise. Did you post a pic in the reference subforum?

    Also, how often to you use your bag? Mine is special occasions only but I'm thinking about breaking her out more often.
  9. Happie Berrie--your bag is TDF!!!! If you don't mind me asking, how much was it? Also, where did you find it? :drool:
  10. maxter - I still don't have any pictures posted, but I will as soon as possible. :yes:
    I haven't brought mine out yet because of this darn winter :push:
  11. Thank you! I first saw and tried the bag in Selfridges.. went back home to think about it BUT it was sold when i went back the following week :crybaby:It retailed for over £1500 if i rem correctly.

    So i located one in the US and paid over $3k including shipping. :yes:

    Hope that helps!
  12. I hear you - it is hard to pull of turquoise in the winter with snow on the ground!

    I have been using my python for everyday lately. I have a beautiful purple Loro Piana Scarf that I have been wearing with my winter coat. The bag looks gorgeous with it! So I'm carrying it even though it was snowing yesterday!!