Chanel Perfums

  1. Have anyone tried the new perfumes?
  2. Yes I bought the Cuir De Russie and Coromandel - pricey but absolutely unique and worth it - I got them at Bergdorf's. I was told that they would originally be sold only at Chanel but it looks like they have expanded ...

    And if you are into skin creams - the Sublimage line which I have used for a week in unreal - beats Creme de la Mer which I have used for the past three years!!
  3. Are the perfums in Bergdorf? I am going to try them
  4. Yes they are in BG's as well as at Chanel ... if you go to BG ask for Eddie Fuertes at the Chanel counter on the beauty level ...
  5. Me too! I got 31 Rue Cambon for day and Coromandel for sexy nights.;)
  6. my mom bought the gardenia (?) when we were in vegas. smells soo good! plus it reminds her of her mom.
  7. What smells like 31 Rue Cambon?
  8. What new perfume?
    All I know is the new Chance..... carried at Saks...
    Could you share some more info please? Are they only available at Chanel boutique and BG?
  9. Just checked Bergdorf, Chanel and nothing online. It did have a link but not available, I guess. Is this a limited edition item or s/b available all the time?
  10. I have Chance and still undecided. I like really light scents and it felt heavy on me, but I am going to try it again over the weekend. I work in healthcare and don't like to wear perfume at work :smile:
  11. There are 10 scents....

    No 22
    No 18
    28 LA PAUSA

    I highly recommend, there is something for everyone.
  12. This is what the SA at my boutique told me.....

    Some, but not all boutiques would be carrying them. But, as another poster said she found them at BG.

    I asked about them being limited additions because I specifically said I did not want to fall in love with a scent and then not be able to get it. She said they are not a limited edition.
  13. ok, thanks for the info! The only one I could find online was the Gardenia but maybe eventually they'll have more.
  14. I don't think these are available on line ... in fact Chanel #22 which was sold everyone is now only going to be sold as a 'special' fragrance.
  15. Can anyone tell me where to find Chanel No. 22? I've worn it for decades and can't find it anymore. I'm in the US, btw.