Chanel Perfume

  1. sorry if this is in the wrong place, didn't know where else to put it. i am in seach of 31 rue cambon by chanel. it retails for i think $175. i've looked in all the major department stores around me, as well as on eBay, with no luck. can anyone tell me where i may find this. tia
  2. Hi, there are certain perfumes that are only available at the actual Chanel boutiques.
  3. Hi, I was in the Chanel boutique in Bond Street London yesterday and they had your perfume there for £125! It is exclusive to chanel boutiques:yes:
  4. thank you so much for the replies. does anyone know if it is available at the San Francisco boutique?
  5. It's in all the boutiques! :yes:

    I have 31. I really like the floral notes over a chypre, peppery iris base.
  6. Why not just call them up and ask if it's in stock or if it's not, ask if they carry it?