chanel perforated

  1. are the Chanel perforated bags new? what do you guys think of them? i really like the perforated classic flap bag in black!
  2. also is it limited?
  3. I actually think this line is cute. Good luck!:yes:
  4. I really like it a lot...I wanna get one in green...does anyone know if this exist in green???
  5. I was at NM in Charlotte yesterday. I remember seeing perforated bags, but since it's not my thing I really didn't register the colors. Seems there were black and a rose pink color, but I'm not sure. Give Natasha a call.
  6. I saw some yesterday at the Saks in the Florida Mall and at the Chanel boutique in the Mall at Millenia. I like them- they have a sporty/modern look to them.
  7. i love them. i asked the 800 number if they'll be around for a while yesterday and he didn't really answer me.
  8. I'm going to retract what I said about the perforated bags looking like a car's headliner. I was at Saks at Chevy Chase, MD yesterday. They have a bright green one as well as black. I fell in love with the cream color. IMO the perforated looks better in the non-black colors and perhaps it's because you notice the perf more. The leather is soft, not ultimate soft, but softer than caviar but as soft as lambskin. (It probably is lambskin come to think of it.) There was also a beautiful aqua python flap.
  9. I've seen blue, red and green flaps with the perforations. Im not really a fan to be honest.