Chanel Perforated Satchel - Info Request

  1. In my search for a new Chanel bag, I came across this very handsome satchel:

    Does anyone have this bag? If so, how do you like it? To your best knowledge, is it still available? TIA!
  2. 31 views and no replies? Guess I'll have to do some more research. . .
  3. LOL!
    Yes, you're probaly right. . . I have no idea about this bag.
  4. I don't know anything about it either nor have I seen it anywhere before. It is a really pretty bag.
  5. I think it was from a couple years ago..
    I recall seeing pink ones...
  6. Chanel had some perforated bags in Spring/Summer 05, but I don't know if the one you're looking for was a part of that season.
  7. Sorry no help here either! I've never seen that bag before, but it is cute