Chanel Penguin sweater

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  1. Hi there, Does anyone have an idea where I might be able to find one of these besides ebay? Are there any stores that carry past season Chanel clothing?

    I want it so bad! Help!:flowers:

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  2. You could try calling the Chanel outlet at Woodbury: (845) 928-1550, though I'm not sure if they have clothes, or only shoes, bags, and other accessories.
  3. Ok thanks so much for the number, I will def try them.

    If anyone else sees anything please let me know! :smile:
  4. I love this sweater so I would be interested in what you find out.
  5. Unfortunately, the outlet will not ship anywhere. I would say eBay is probably your best bet.
  6. love that sweater!!!!!

  7. ditto.. I've tried.. they won't do phone orders.. they might tell you if they have the item, but yoiu have to physically be in the store to buy it.
  8. Isn't this from a few years ago? I think ebay/resellers is going o be your best bet.
  9. aw thats adorable. let me know if woodbury has any..
  10. So just to update anyone who was wondering, I called the outlet and they said they didn't have any clothing. They also told me they wouldn't be selling any clothing at all after March 1st. The woman I spoke with was extremely rude too. :tdown:
  11. really? what will they have then? just accessories?
  12. boo to no clothing and BOO to rudeness.
  13. Oooh this is super adorable !

    Bummer to hear about the outlet, I don't like shopping there in person so I can only imagine it's worse over the phone. :s
  14. I'm bumping this to let those who are interested know that Topshop has a version of this sweater.
  15. whoa, they have it now?? is it on the site? i've been looking for the sweater too.