Chanel Pearly white Ligne Multi-Pocket Bag*RUNNING OUT OF TIME*

  1. Hi all!
    I have to make a decision in 4 hours whether to get this bag or not *STRESS :wtf: *

    Sorry if the name of the bag is wrong, but it's like the previous Chanel Cambon Ligne Multi-Pocket Bag except that it's pearly white, comes with silver hardware (doesn't have the big CC) and they have chain handles.
    My sister has one on hold for me in London ATM and I have to make a snappy decision!
    Now, for those who own the Chanel Cambon Ligne Multi-Pocket Bag, is it handy and do you use it alot??
    Those who have this bag I have described above, what do you think? Do you find it bulky or use it much?

    Thanks all Pfers!! Any input will be appreciated! :heart:
  2. Sounds like a cotton club bag. I don't own one, but if your in love with it, go for it.
  3. You're describing the cotton club reporter, I've seen it IRL, it's very nice! I only have one Cambon piece myself, a brown/brown patent mini reporter, and it's a great casual bag! I really like the new chain handles on the cotton club you are describing, but personally, I adore the bronze color most :smile: Good luck with your decision, I'm sure you'll come home with a winner!

  4. Go for it!!! You will not regret it.
  5. It is a very pretty bag, but too bulky for me personally.

    If you love it- get it!
  6. its a beautiful bag. if you like it, get it!
    i like the tote style too. yes, its called cotton club reporter.
  7. Ooooorrrrhhhhh...!
    Thank all you sooooo much for your lovely input!:heart:
    Yes, that's the one SparklyPrincess!
    My sister has a really lovely SA who allowed her to take a photo with the bag on and when I opened the email, I think it's too bulky for me. So I changed my mind.
    If I have extra money lying around, I would so get it. It would look so good over the weekend with my jeans.
    Instead, I have asked her to pick me a JUMBO!!:happydance: :greengrin:
    It's my birthday present! I don't know what colour yet cause it's nice even if it's half a surprise! I'd post pic when I get it in the mail!
  8. A Jumbo is FAB!
    Can't wait to see pisc!
  9. Oh I love the Jumbo too! I can't wait to see pics of your new bag. Happy Birthday!
  10. I've seen i IRL and loved it!!!! I have it from the original Cambon line in white, and love it!!!! I like the Cotton Club one because it has chain handles......I say go for it!!! :yes:
  11. go for it ...its a lovely bag
  12. Happy Bday and can't wait to see what color jumbo you got!
  13. *MWAHMWAH*!!
    Thxs for all the birthday greetings!! :heart:

    I am so excited about the jumbo! This is the first ever bag from my sister from her recent promotion, I can't wait! I keep wanting to ask her WHICH jumbo she'd bought no, it's worth the huuushhuuush ATM.:tender:Any JUMBO is GORGEOUS! :love: