Chanel pearls

  1. Hey girls what color cc trim looks better with the pearls silver or gold Thanks
    lwhen I say cc the color around Thanks again
  2. Personally I like the silver, but both are nice. Depends on what YOU like best.
  3. I am normally more of a silver fan, but I love the gold on these.
  4. Gold :tup:
  5. definitely gold!
  6. Gold!
  7. You can't make a bad choice IMO, because both are stunning. :love: I have and love the silvertone timeless pearls, but if I didn't already have a pearl/gold bead necklace, I may have gotten the goldtone, depends. :smile:
  8. gold, silver clashes with the golden hue of pearls IMO :smile:
  9. I'm more of a silver person, but when i saw the pearls IRL, i realised that the gold goes better with the hue of the pearls, whilst the silver clashes out against the pearls and looks rather plasticky. So i got the gold!
  10. im usually a silver person but for the pearls i prefer the gold too!
  11. I usually go for silver. Pick what you wear more of!
  12. My strands have the silver CC... I don't find that it looks plasticky. I don't find the pearls to have a gold tone personally. I prefer the silver hands down.
  13. The gold is gorgeous. However, the silver and gold really has no discernible difference, imo! Go with the color you wear more.
  14. I agree! :yes:
  15. love the silver~