Chanel pearls

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  1. Hello. I was in NM (Charlotte, NC) and the Chanel boutique had one Chanel pearl necklace with two CC logos on it. I think it was 35" long. It retailed for $725.00 or $750 (I can't remember exactly) plus tax. I really want some Chanel pearls but the hardware on this one was gold. Has anyone seen a Chanel pearl necklace with silver hardware? Thanks!
  2. Yes! Nordstrom Mall of America has the same piece you described for the same price ($725) with silver hardware.
    Classic Pearls 2.JPG
  3. Saks in Michigan has it also.
  4. Those are pretty :tup:
  5. Yeah! Ordered my Chanel pearls today from Nordstrom MOA. They will be here in time for a party I'm attending this weekend. These same pearls are listing on eBay for $900-$1025. I wonder if they actually get that price for them????
    What a wonderful month so far. A new Chanel bag and a string of pearls!
    Thanks for helping find my pearls!
  6. You will love them when you receive them. They are such an amazing classic CHANEL piece.
  7. do any of these places allow you to order online or deliever over seas i had that exact necklace. that i loved to bits and it was stolen! for me to fly abck to france to get another would be a lil pricey!