Chanel Pearls

  1. How much are they approx in NYC please x
  2. Their are a couple different styles, which ones are you referring to?
  3. oh i don't know what they are called just classic looking pearls with the double c's i guess?
  4. Classic double CC pearls that are 36" long were $695 when I got them earlier this year. I believe they've gone up to $725 with the price hike.

    The longer and/or more elaborate strands are in the thousands.
  5. thanks tweetie, do you think the pearls suit everyone, i am 5ft1 larger lady, shoulder length mousey brown hair with fair skin??
  6. That's been my question about them as well. I'm a plus size girl and sometimes longer necklaces don't look good on girls who are overly blessed in the chest-al region *if you know what I mean*.
  7. You can double them up and wear them short and that looks great too if you are worried about how the long ones look...