CHANEL Pearl Necklaces

  1. I've never posted pictures of these items before and I know there are always ladies looking for them.

    The first two photos are of the classic strand of CHANEL pearls. They can be worn long or doubled as a choker. The hardware is available in either silver or gold. The pears are graduated in size, going from small to large and back to small. This piece retails for $725.

    The second photo is of the lariat style of CHANEL pearls. These pearls are all one size and the hardware is only available in silver. There is no clasp closure on this piece, rather the pearls are meant to be tied in a knot. This piece retails for $950.
    Classic Pearls 1.JPG Classic Pearls 2.JPG Pearl Lariat 1.JPG
  2. Lucas: Is there a bracelet that matches the first necklace?
  3. Hi Chanelboy or anyone who knows,

    I have been wanting to find out what kind of pearls are the Chanel pearl necklages made from? Akoya, fresh water, or something else? What grade of pearls are Chanel using for their accessories? Thanks!
  4. i'm pretty sure these are costume pieces and they're glass pearls.
  5. Jessica,

    Thanks! No wonder the price seems to be 'so reasonable'!!! hahaha.... :roflmfao:
  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
    hahaha. indeed. they are gorgeous though!!!! :p
  7. Yes, CHANEL uses glass beads not real pearls.
  8. I have not seen a matching bracelet.
  9. Really like the first pearl necklace represented in the first two pictures - very nice....hmmmm. I feel another Chanel addiction coming on...hehehe.
  10. Are these available now?? I need them! Would most stores have them?
  11. Nordstrom MOA does have them in stock now.
  12. You are a sa, right? What do you charge for shipping?
  13. How lovely! :heart:
  14. Chanelboy: Maybe this is inappropriate and mods yank if it is -- are there other jewelry pics you can share with price info?
  15. Nordstrom Mall of America does not charge for standard shipping.