Chanel Pearl Necklaces, variations?

  1. Hello all any info would be great!!

    Does the white pearl necklace with the 2 white ccs for 695 come in different sizes of pearls (is there a smaller pearl version/larger pearl version)?

    Does anyone one know of the chanel pearl necklace that is a mixture of black and white pearls. Not the one that is all white and another strand is all black. I saw someone wearing it and it was long like the white one but it had two colors and I think there may have been some engravings on them. Anyone know about them? Price? Where can I get them? Thank you!!
  2. The thing is that every season Chanel comes out with a variation on the pearls, so it's hard to say what's available at what time especially because among the department stores and boutiques they all order different pieces.

    The white necklace that is $695 with the two interlocking CC's - I see one currently on eBay that is double the length, so it must have been sold in a longer length somewhere.

    The white and black necklace was from Fall 2005 and retailed for $1,225 and is completely sold out. There are fakes all over eBay of this necklace. I have yet to find an authentic black and white Chanel necklace from this collection.

    For SS2007 from ActII they are releasing a grey and black necklace. Nordstrom is ordering a medium length one for $835, and the Chanel boutiques are releasing the longer one for around $1,300-$1,400.
  3. Does anyone have a pic of the grey and black new one and also the 2005 one you were talking about please?
  4. still pretty though!
  5. These are the one's from Fall 2005 - and are much longer than they appear on Kate. They also have 6 interlocking CC charms in between the pearls (not seen here):


    These are from SS2007 - this is the length that Chanel is doing, Nordstrom is doing a smaller length:


  6. Just found these pictures of LL wearing the black and white pearls from Fall 2005. Note it's one long continuous strand of pearls and she has them doubled up here.:yes:


  7. Thank you so much...I really appreciate it :smile:
  8. yes thanks so much smooth, always very informative. i didn't know that chanel came out with variations of the pearl necklace each season. that puts me more at ease that i have to buy one now. thanks again!!
  9. hey smooth, i found a picture of the black/white pearl necklace with the caracatures on it. its from personalshoppers. is there a longer version of this like 35cm? thanks again!!

    Item number: 220068680202
  10. You should get on a waitlist somewhere for them though because normally they sell out pretty quickly.

  11. Yes, but it is completely sold out everywhere. I know, I've called everywhere!!!


  12. Those of you who have a long strand of Chanel pearls, do you wear them casually/everyday or do you save them for special occasion/dress wear?
  13. Here's my short necklace with the printed pearls that I got a while back. I think I got the last one in all of the boutiques, but I'm not sure about the department stores.