chanel pearl necklace

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  1. hello,

    Am wanting to buy the chanel pearl necklace. I know there are a few versions. could u guys posts pics of the ones that are avakliabkle? also do u know where I may buy them?

  2. Hi! I have the lariat style. I'm not sure where they can be purchased though. :shrugs:
    mvc002s13om5.jpg IMG_4551.JPG
  3. I have the timeless classic pearls, retail is $695, and they come with either silver, or gold hardware. You can do a search to find pictures of them... takeoubox recently posted a thread modeling her new necklace. I think they are stunning... you can call an SA at, for example, NM, and ask them to help you locate them for you, or ask them what pearl necklace styles they have, etc. and purchase them that way. Alternatively, you can call a Chanel boutique, and they can do the same!! Good luck. :smile:
  4. I think this is the one fieryfashionist is talking about. Mine is in silver.:smile:
    (sorry about the bad quality pic, it's prettier in person;))

  5. :drool:I want it.