Chanel pearl necklace question

  1. I love this necklace, and wonder if it's still available in the stores. Does anyone know what the retail is?



    I love these pearls because of the silver metal in between each pearl. Anyone know if they are still available, and if they are what their product code is?

    Thanks to anyone who can help me with this.
  2. OMG I love this necklace it's gorgeous. I tried one on and fell so in love. You must get it. I need to sell so I can get this beauty. The retail price is $1150, if I recall correctly.
  3. Wynn Las Vegas as well as NM, Las Vegas both had it in stock. I believe it was either $1150-1200 or so. Very pretty in person.
  4. wow, that is gorgeous. Call the Chanel boutique's main line and ask about it.
  5. I have it and it's fabulous. It can be worn as a belt also. My SA had one at Saks. Her name is Delyse and her number is 248-808-0712. Please tell her April referred you if you call. Maybe you can get it for the next EGC. ;)
  6. The Charlotte NM had this necklace but the version with the flower thingy.
  7. Thank you everyone. April, what is EGC? And how long before it comes around?
  8. Can someone please give me the code for this? Thank you so much
  9. Yes, if anyone happens to have the code, please share.
  10. I dont have the code, but I did see these at the Chanel at the Wynn in Las Vegas. They are gorgeous!!!
  11. DD101, EGC = Electronic Gift Card. When you spend certain amount, you get a certain amount in gift cards for future use. I believe for $1000 and up you get $150 in EGC. $2000 and up you get $300, and $3000 in up you get $450. Max you can get in the store is $450.
    Saks just had an EGC in Aug. Won't have one in Sept. Maybe Oct?
  12. Thanks eiffel21. My Saks does not carry Chanel, I guess this is why I do not know about this. I never shop at my Saks, it basically has nothing. I will have to get this card for my next purchase and plan it out. Thanks again for this information and your help. I'm glad I found this forum.
  13. You're welcome... you can call Damian at Saks Bala Cynwid, PA. They carry Chanel there, if they dont have the item that you want, he can locate one for you. He's awesome... His cell # is (609)477-3741 or work line (610)667-1550 ext. 258.
  14. Sorry that i don't have any contribution to this thread!

    BUT wow that is a beautiful necklace!
  15. Style #07A A36121 Y02005. :smile: