Chanel patent mini

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  1. image.jpeg I have a Chanel patent black mini with silver hardware. I was wondering if I should sell and get a mini in caviar or lambskin? If I can locate one. Need advise!!!
  2. If you have already second thoughts about your mini, I think it's better to sell it. For the mini flap I would go for caviar. Good luck deciding!
  3. Yes, your right I am second guessing it. I will loose some money on it. So I have to decide if I want to take a loss. It is pretty though, at the time when I brought it they only had it in patent. Thanks so much for your advise!!!
  4. Caviar is more durable,lambskin beauifull

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  5. I was told the patent is as durable as the caviar. I do think lambskin is the most beautiful though. I am actually been hunting for a patent mini black. If you're looking for a black mini lambskin, I think I saw one at the chanel in houston.
  6. Over time ,patent,doesnt look so good,the shape changes,it depuffs,and looks cheap.

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  7. Lambskin is gorgeous!! Thanks for the info, I live in New York. I didn't check any boutiques over here. I wanted to first decide if I should sell and rebuy. It's so hard making decisions!!
  8. Perhaps go and try on a lambskin and caviar (if you can find them) in a boutique when you are wearing your patent. You will know straight away which you prefer....good luck!
    P.s. If you know and it's available, buy it on the spot, they are hard to find - just check the Mini thread to see. There are also lots of photo's that you can look at.
  9. I have chevron patten mini and I love love it. For me the bag is small so I like it to be little pop, but I would not choose loud color. So with the sheen of the patten it make the bag very attractive to me. I only used it for a year so I can't speak for long term of the bag but I would not trade it for any other. Good luck on your decision.
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