Chanel patent mini in black or red?

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    Hello purse forum lovers ;)
    I've been reading so many wonderful (and helpful!) reviews here and decided to post a question of my own for the first time. I currently own grey jumbo caviar (in the process of selling due to its weight), black caviar maxi, blue lambskin woc, owned several new medium boy (also found too boxy) and one caviar square mini flap. But all of the were either too heavy, too boxy and etc...but my love for Chanel never seems to die down. Which is a BIG problem! Lol :biggrin:
    I've always wanted a rectangular mini but it was impossible to find one until yesterday-my SA called me and told there is red patent mini with dark silver hw(kind of like ruthenium) and I just got so excited & purchased it right away--and soon after came across another black preowned patent mini (from a trusted eBay seller-but she is waiting for some one to pay and I might miss the item) and now am thinking maybe I should have waited for the black one instead? :sad: I'm so indecisive when it comes to bags.

    Here is my question-
    *which ones better? Black/Red patent mini?
    *should I get both? Two patent mini just too much?
    *if not black patent mini, I was planning to get dark brown old mediumboy-should I just get this instead?
    Help ladies!! & sorry about the long post-many thanks!
    image.png image.png
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    First of all

    We are all indecisive when presented with lots of choices! Don't worry

    What is the reason that black mini attracts you?

    Patent minis are cute but can sometimes be sticky or shows finger prints easily. I've not seen this season's patent mini in red but I'd try one first and see if you like it! Particularly cuz capacity of minis is very different from all the bags you sold!

    If you like the shade of red & hardware combo then I'd say get it! They will be different every season while black patent minis come back more often.

    Old medium boy will add diversity into your collection and allow you to carry a bit more. But if you find new medium boys boxy and have tried more than one, I'm not sure old medium boys will make you change your mind

    So I'd recommend you get the red mini and old medium boy to begin with!

    Good luck and have fun shopping
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  3. Thank you so much for advice! :biggrin:
    I wasn't sure if red mini will be versatile with my wardrobe (esp in patent) but then as soon as I saw the pic, my heart just started to sing! Lol but that happens w. every single time I see something new-haha. I think I might just follow your advice & get the old medium boy & stick w. Red patent mini (still waiting shipment)
  4. i agree with calflu!! keep the mini!! my SA showed me the same one and i had to pass only because I found my holy grail square mini and have been doing too much spending lately. this is a true red (no orange or purple undertones) and the shiny ruthenium hardware (some are calling it gunmetal) compliments it nicely. there will be other black mini's but a true red will be a lot harder to come by. i also think you should keep the red and get a boy, pass on the black patent since the red is already patent. if u wanted a black mini, maybe change it and get square caviar (you'll have to wait patiently for this bc this combo is currently unavailable, only in the resale market and even then it's rare) or square lambskin instead for variety.
  5. I saw your red bag in the store. It's such a pretty color - it looked like a deep red raspberry to me. An awesome bag indeed! Chanel patent leather does seem high maintenance... So you should probably do only one patent to start and see how you like it.
  6. Thank you all for your wonderful comments :smile:
    I've already paid & ordered the red patent mini so no turning back now...this will be my first patent FLAP, I've only owed Chanel wallet before and despite its age & abuse, I would say it's pretty durable--except where the leather bends-started to crack a little.

    Glad to hear this red is indeed "true" red! My local boutique was competely sold out of mini so had to order it from another state. We'll see how it turns out :smile: btw, do you think red patent bag is pretty much versatile? Will it be just too loud? I'm more worried about that than maintenance. Lol.
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  7. Just came home from trying the patent red mini that you have photo on. It's more of a deep berry red to me. it is beautiful - seriously. I find that the deeper berry red tone makes it easy to match lots. Also, I find especially the hardware a VERY nice hardware color - complements the shade of red very nicely and also a GREAT color for this size giving it a nice casual vibe. I hope they do this hardware more often in the future. In Chanel classics, I personally prefer the smaller sized bags with color instead of black.
    Good luck deciding and hope your bag arrives soon!

  8. Woooo~really? So it is true there are some boutiques that still have this particular mini :smile: I had to call the main Chanel number and ask them to track one down for me--originally wanted the black but the only available were this red patent or dark pink lambskin with gold hw. I agree!!! The thing that attracted me in the first place was the hardware--loved the shiney dark silver color--something different and yet compliments the red very well :smile: now I'm having high hopes for this one! Thanks *wink*
  9. Patent in red! So much prettier!
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  10. Thanks superbrowni! Glad you think so. It sure makes me feel better about my decision :smile:
  11. Normally I would say BLACK! But that red is absolutely beautiful!

    But you can't go wrong with either. I just purchased a mini in black but I'm so torn between the gold or silver hardwear - ... what a problem to have lol :$
  12. I would go for the red one! So pretty.. But it will be nicer if that is red with gold HW IMO... BTW, the picture looks like it has a pinky tone...
  13. Wow you found a black mini??? :o I've been looking/calling every where & had no had to settle for this red patent :smile:. I'll be receiving it on Monday--congrats on your black mini! I just love anything crossbody these days ~
  14. That red is stunning! I saw it in person today!
  15. Go for the red one!