chanel patent leather...

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Nov 28, 2005
i am absolutely completely head over heels in love with this might be kinda old for me but i love beautiful......if i had an extra $2000 lying around this bag would be mine....


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That is a gorgeous bag!! I also wish I could afford it - I already have one Chanel (classic black quilt with chain) and I should be grateful for that - Chanel is timeless - when did bags start being age inappropriate? In my opinion, style is style and really has nothing to do with how old you are (as long as you'e an adult).
I've been kind of yearning for a Chanel bag lately.. there are some new beauties that I'm going to post for all of you to see!

^^^ And I agree, Chanel is timeless! So elegant
What a beautiful timeless bag! I would love to get my hands on a classic medium Chanel bag with chains in silver. I have a small cambon shopping tote but it's too tiny. What was I thinking of:weird: I lovet the caviar leather:love:
:confused1:I'm just going to throw this out there. Does anyone know how many known styles of Chanel bags there are, are there any pictures of them(50s to 70s)and what percent have never been seen here. I know there are some out there(I have one).
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