Chanel patent leather durability as an everyday bag?


Nov 4, 2006

I’ve now hooked :graucho: my sister on Chanel and she really loves the lambskin and patent leather classic bags. (Doesn’t like the caviar).

I don’t think the lambskin would be the best choice to use as an everyday bag

How do you think a black patent jumbo would hold up as an everyday bag?

I had a black patent Chanel about 5 years ago and it really showed finger prints every time I used it. I wonder if the new ones do too.

Anyhow – really appreciate your thoughts and input.
Thank you,


Just one more...
Jan 3, 2006
I bought a Jumbo patent about 2-3 weeks ago, and I love it. It's the distressed/crackled patent, so it doesn't show fingerprints. I think the crackled patent is only going to be out for this season. I've worn it every day since I've gotten it.:love:
Mar 30, 2006
I have a patent chanel classic I recently just purchased and I love it! I would think its fine as an everyday bag, as ans Tammy said, the distressed patent doesnt show fingerprints. I have the nude/blush colour and I would have probably got the black myself as a 2nd choice.
Mar 7, 2006
This is a question that I've been wondering about as well. I'm considering getting a Diamond Shine Flap (which I guess is also of the patent variety) but am worried about durability as an everyday or semi-everyday (just not evening-exclusive) bag. Any DS Flap owners who could share their experiences with the bag? Is it more durable than the regular (non-DS) patent leather flaps?

rana alkhalil

New Member
Sep 22, 2018
I know this is an old thread
Like 13 years old
But I don’t know how to start a new one and I need help
II just purchased this bag
A jumbo
Half Pantent half lamb skin
It was for an amazing price
But wanted to get thoughts on it
And openions, feed back or experience would be highly appreciated
Thank u


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Dec 9, 2018
Also jumping in on an old thread and hoping for new answers! Has anyone ever found that Chanel patent discolors? About 3 years ago, I purchased on consignment the Spring/Summer 2014 jumbo flap in hot pink patent. I purchased it in the winter and waited anxiously to use it once the weather was warmer. When that time finally came and I had it out in natural sunlight, I noticed that the back pocket has a discolored stripe across it—as if the sun hit it and there was an object on top of it and the edges (looks like maybe an iphone) were tanned into it. Had it not been months after purchasing that I'd noticed this, I would have done something about it, but too little too late. And the discoloration is only on the pocket, nowhere else on the bag. Is it also possible that this was a defect that occurred during production and was so subtle that it made it to the sales floor? I'd had the bag authenticated when I purchased it but I've always felt like something wasn't quite right since noticing the discoloration. Maybe this is something common with the more brightly colored patents?