Chanel Patent Leather Classic Flap

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  1. Hello Ladies! :smile:

    I went to the mall today and fell in love with this flap but I want some opinions first before I buy it. :biggrin:

    Is patent leather durable?
    what are the pros and cons?

    thank you ladies! :heart:

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  2. love it.

    patent leather, especially light colors is prone to color transfer (ie your jeans rubbing off on the bag) and it can't be fixed. otherwise it's fairly durable.
  3. I've never had a problem with patent! And patent is hands down, my favorite material of chanel. So I have no cons to warn you about! I take mine traveling all the time right into the security bins and on the floor of the airplane with no problems. Looks gorgeous on you too! :love:
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  4. I copy gymangel on the color transfer thing. I had a red patent GUCCI and learned the hard way - keep it away from anything that is dark, jeans or other bags even.
    They do look hot though...I just go for black patent these days!!! :wlae:
  5. I read that the glue on the patent leather breaks down and becomes sticky in humid weather. Is this true? I love patent leather On Chanel and I was totally heartbroken when I read that!

    Ps I live in south Florida /:
  6. I love the 11A grey patent!! :love: It's one of my favorite color of the season, and the color IMO looks best in a classic flap!! I passed on this color after seeing color transfers both inside (non patent) and on the outer flap in the sample bag! :sad: I've had no problems with light color patents before so had I not seen that, I would have for sure wanted something in this color.