Chanel patent color transfer? So sad...

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  1. Isn't it great when you remember a bag that you have not used in literally 2 years? Well, I took out my Chanel grey patent Jumbo flap... I love this bag..then noticed discoloration. Note that I baby all my bags. This bag was stored IN the sleeper IN the Box away from light, etc. Any suggestions? I think I'm really SOL.

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  2. And yes, because it was in the box.. Is probably why I forgot about it! Lol
  3. you should show this pic to the girl considering the 5500 jumbo patent that everyone is telling her to get:P huge thumbs down to patent from any brand...sorry it happened, but such is the way of patent... and once ruined, it's ruined for good. you cannot fix patent and storing it in the box and dust bag was your problem. you don't store patent in any type of heat environment, which dust bags and boxes create. they can get sticky in the boxes and bags and absorb the colors from the box/bag

  4. I'm here! I see the pic and it makes me so scared...
  5. That's weird! Did some of the patent coating melt off?
  6. I'm a little scared to see this picture; I've been storing my patent Chanel pieces in the dust bags inside their boxes at my SA's advice :S:S
  7. Don't you need to air bags out? Maybe that's part of the reason? :sad:
  8. Bags should not be stored in their boxes they need to breathe.
  9. +1 I had bad experience with patent.Never again.

  10. What happened?
  11. I am so sorry about the bag -- awfully upsetting. I am wondering if it could be glue discoloration? I don't know why I say that other than having seen it on non-Chanel bags. That one is a beauty.
  12. It might be the glue. My cobbler told me light color patent tends to show the glue over time regardless of how you baby it.
  13. Nope. Other than the weird discoloration the bag is just fine.
  14. I still love the bag but will not buy Chanel patent. I have two dior patent soft totes that are just fine. I think just a Chanel issue.
  15. yup. I wore a patent medium blue Chanel w.o.c. against a black coat and I started to notice small black dots on the patent. Since then no patent for me no matter how pretty it looks. I thought patent was supposed to less worry but it isn't. At least not Chanel patent.
    my LV vernis items hold up pretty well. You can't put them against a magazine of course but I throw my vernis cles/wallet in my bag and it barely has scratches still looks good.