Chanel patent clutch

  1. with diamond closure...

    Has anyone seen the Chanel patent leather clutch, its going to come in 2 sizes and I think the larger size is 1795 USD retail. My Saks SA showed me a pic in the book and said its from the cruise collection 2007 and that it will be a gorgeous bag...

    just wondering if anyone has pics of this or has seen it...thanks!!
  2. I've seen pics of the navy distressed patent clutch, but it doesn't sound the same as your describing. This one had a CC closure.
  3. I have a patent distress clutch in navy with silver CC closure. It's maybe a special version for Holiday with diamond closure!
  4. I have a feeling the one posted on top is not the one you are talking about. I saw the one you are talking about during the trunk show. It's all patent (not quilted) with a large diamond-like closure. It's gorgeous! You actually carry the clutch with the diamond in between 2 fingers so that it looks like you are wearing a giant diamond.
  5. I also saw that bag at trunk show. I regret not ordering it. Looked really pretty
  6. Yes, I saw that at the trunk show too! The diamond closure is huge!
  7. would love to see a pic of this clutch:flowers:
  8. Has anyone seen this in real life, or does anyone have a picture. I have been asked by my SA if I would like to purchase it, and would really love to hear some input about it. thankyou so very much:yes:
  9. my MIL just bought it. It is Beautiful! I wish I would have gotten it. They had some at CHanel boutique in SCP.
  10. It sounds so pretty! Longing for pics...
  11. :nuts: That's so innovative!!!
  12. I actually saw one of these in black at the Chanel boutique in San Francisco...OMG...that "diamond" thing was HUGE
  13. i've only seen this particular clutch in pictures and i agree, the diamond looks huge!
    it kinda reminded me of the crystal top of an old-fashioned perfume bottle. kinda cute in its own way but i think it'd be uncomfortable to hold?
  14. pictures anyone?