Chanel Patent Bordeaux GST-- Buy or Not?

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  1. Hi guys,

    What is a fair price to pay for this bag?

    Is it a useful bag for someone who loves to wear blacks and browns like myself?

    I am sort of liking a caviar gst or pst but my husband saw this and wants me to get this instead-- he finds the caviar gst too plain.

    I'm 5'1 by the way, you think patent gst is too big?

  2. I have a GST in Patent Bordeaux and it my most favorite bag for the following reasons: 1) It is so spacious and roomy, I can can throw in all my stuff w/o any effort; 2) it is a structured bag, i don't worry about it being creased or crumpled or deformed; 3) the color is just TDF! It is a very neutral color that goes well with almost everything!

    I am 5'2 1/2" and the size is just perfect for me.

    I got it for about US $2800 (tax included) last October.
  3. Dear Java,

    Thanks so much for the input-- I am leaning towards this because its really beautiful in person--and my hubby likes it so much too ;) Its great to know it goes nicely with everything, I will think about it overnight and will see if I get it tomorrow-

    Thanks again ;)
  4. I agree, the Bordeaux GST is a great-looking bag --- worth the investment, but try not too pay too much. I suggest under 2K.
  5. Where can you even find it for under 2k???

    PS: I love the GST in dark bordeaux, it's stunning!
    You'd be surprised how much it goes with.