Chanel patent agenda

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  1. #1 Jul 6, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2009
    ;) Just wondering do anyone know what is the product code for this agenda?


    TIA :heart:
  2. [​IMG]

    I think is medium size?
  3. sorry i don't know the code.. but i want to ask if the agenda has rings inside.. haha
  4. The agendas with rings are great. They fit Filofax, the ring Vuitton refills, Kate Spade refills. I own 3 small Chanel agendas (black and white cambon, gold caviar, silver caviar), 1 medium Chanel agenda (red caviar?), and one LV one. I use them as a multipurpose wallet/planner. I also keep blank pages so that I can draw my designs (jewelry or handbags), so if you see someone in the movie theatre, on a bench, etc. drawing pictures - it might be me.

    Now if Chanel came out with a large ring agenda that could fit 8 1/2" x 11" paper or at least some size near that, I'm buying that.

  5. hmm i haven't see any of the refills that you named.. are they all plain black & white ones?
    i am really .. childish.. haha i have a really cute agenda with colourful lines and calendars.. i just need a hard cover to protect it.. haha that's why I don't want rings cuz it's just a little booklet
  6. I know what you mean by wanting color. The LV small agenda refills fit the same size filofax refills for Chanel. They have the little LV symbols and clover leaf throughout the pages and the ink color is brown. The Kate Spade refills have cute color designs on the top of the pages.
    I've even made my own. I'll post pictures when I get the time.

  7. ohh!! pls do ! i want to see what u made :smile:
  8. I don't think these new 2009 agendas have rings where you can replace your paper. When I looked inside them last week, the ring was fitted into this hook at the top and bottom of the agenda and the SA advised me that when you replace the paper, you need to find rings that fit into the hook. I love the look of this agenda but hate that its not very practical.

  9. oh oh!! great to know! thanks !!
    i will sure check out agendas next time i stop by Chanel
    but they won't have that pretty ones posted at the top of the thread w/o the rings i guess :sad: