Chanel patchwork tote from last spring

  1. Hey everyone- what do you guys think of the patchwork tote from last spring. I found one on sale and I'm thinking of buying it. I think it may be a cute bag for the beach- or somewhere I don't want to take a leather bag that will get ruined.

    here is a link:
  2. It is a cute bag, what was the sale price? if you don't mind sharing.
  3. to be honest i dont know the sale price- i was in a hurry and didnt look. ill let u know when i find it though.
  4. i love that bag, you should get it!!! did you see the flap in this fabric by any chance?
  5. didnt see the flap version but they do have that on one of the online consignment sites if u google chanel patchwork.
  6. oops that didnt work- but its at *************
  7. whoah so weird it wont let me post that name of the place- so like i said u will see it if u google it- sorry
  8. I love that bag! Its one of my fav Chanels, I would absolutely get it!
  9. I don't care for that line personally, but the hobo was heavily discounted at my local NM last Call last time I was there.
  10. I just saw this bag at Last Call Neiman Marcus in the Woodbury Commons outlets this past Sunday. I didn't ask the price, but call and see if they offer a better sale price than the one you found....maybe they could ship it to you.
  11. I am not a fan of the hobo but love the flap version. I'd be afraid to take that bag to the beach even moreso than leather. I'd hate to wet the cloth material.
  12. Not my style. Just like the Coach's patchwork.
  13. I have the flap and love it! :heart: it's my girly summer bag, but I'm not into the hobo at all.
  14. thanks everyone for your opinions. my mom and fiance both hate this bag but i think its cute- i dunno what to do. its on sale for 1400- but i will definitely call woodbury commons to hear their price. thanks!