Chanel - Paris boutique window pics

  1. I took these in Paris last week so I thought I'd share them...:P

    I like this bag a lot!
  2. [​IMG][​IMG]
  3. those are STUNNING! Thanks so much for sharing them (and I'm jealous you went to Chanel in paris - oooh lala! Awesome!)
  4. How beautiful - Thanks for sharing
  5. oh.. i love the classic flap.
    so did you buy anything there?
  6. Tres Chic!! Thank you for sharing!!
  7. Yes, thanks!
  8. *drool* Thanks for posting the pics!
  9. Fabulous pictures! Thanks for sharing!!!
  10. I bought an LV bag but not a Chanel. I did buy pearl earrings at Chanel though. :smile:
  11. beautiful pics! thanks for taking and sharing them =D
  12. Luccibag, thankyou! These have really brightened my day on a very dull and drizzly London afternoon. So beautiful. Enjoy those earrings! Xx
  13. gorgeous pics!! thanks for sharing!!! the classic flap is making me DROOL!!! :love:
  14. oh thanks for sharing.!!
    i like the bottom one.. is hte Chain attaChed to the bag?
  15. that was fun !!!!!!!!