Chanel Paris Biarritz Tote - Keeper?

  1. I picked up this Paris Biarritz bag because I was looking for a big functional bag that I can use for every day and that I can throw alot of stuff in. It is $1475 and its dimensions are about 15" W x 12"L x 6"D. But I'm not sure about it. Can I get some opinions? How does it compare to other big Chanel bags like the Coco Cabas and the Cotton Club tote?

    I'm also considering this tote from Laura Merkin. It has four external pockets and internal pockets too. It is made of python embossed lambskin. It is $575 and its dimensions are 16"H x 21"W x 4"D

    I'm so confused over which bag I should get. Please help fellow tPFers. TIA!!
    IMG_8871 pb.jpg

    IMG_8870 pb.jpg

    IMG_8868 pb.jpg
  2. I am not sure about the size on this one, you look in the pictures the way you are carrying the bag as if you are the bag is to tight on you KWIM.... I am not sure this is the right size for you, perhaps a smaller paris blitz.. it is a gorgeous bag though..
    Not to fond of the the other bag, plus they are different types ones a hobo and the others a tote... to hard to compare these two..
    hope this helps:yes::yes:
  3. Yeah I know what you mean. I tried the bag on with a winter coat and it surprisingly was comfortable under the arm. The tote has adjustable straps so you can increase the drop. I took a pic to illustrate.
    IMG_8878 pb.jpg

    Yeah, I know the Laura Merkin is an entirely different look, which makes my decision harder. I like the exotic skin look of it without the exotic skin price. I ordered it so I could see what it looks like IRL. I'll post pics when it arrives. I also like the functionality of the exterior pockets.

    I really love the Coco Cabas, but I have heard that there are none left :sad:. Also there are no exterior pockets on the Cabas and I LOVE exterior pockets for getting your keys, cell phone in a hurry.

    I was considering the Cotton Club Tote because I like the leather and the chain straps but I don't know about the size compared to the other bags. I'm not sure that it would hold as much. Maybe a Cotton Club tote owner could chime in? TIA?
  4. I think the Biarritz looks good on you! The other is just a hobo....just a purse...
  5. i have the biarrtiz and love it. it has the outside zippered compartment, the two side compartments, plus couple inside ones...and it can zip closed and is completey waterproof!! it also has that little pouch where i can keep other important things. i use it for light travel or for work when i need my laptop and more files and folders. i think it's a keeper. i bought it last year..feb/march ish and it has no signs of wear and has withstood the weight of my laptop and whatnot.
  6. i like how the PB looks on you! i think it's a perfect everyday bag. personally, i don't like the lauren merkin hobo - it looks very normal. i'm not a big fan of the PB ligne but there is no doubt that this bag looks fab on you!
  7. I think it looks great on you! But if you aren't 10000% sure, then maybe you should continue to look around....
  8. i was dying for the coco cabas and then i realized that it was not available anymore in the store (at least that's what i feel like after checking out quite a number of stores...) so i decided to go for the PB large tote (which is what u have) and the white cerf tote. the white cert tote is nice but it's kinda small for me as i LOVE big functional bag... so the PB large tote is an awesome choice as an everyday bag! i think it looks great on u and u should keep it... for me, i'd definitely choose the PB over the Laura Merkin... hope this helps!
  9. at first i wasn't a fan of the PB line but it kinda grew on me. probably because i'm such a sucker for chanel!
    i think it looks good on you, a great every day bag!
  10. i love that bag! i think it's a def keeper :p
  11. Can I just say I absolutely love it!! :tup:

    Keeper for me!
  12. It's a keeper I think. Anyway, I love Cambon large tote and baby Cabas more.
  13. I love the PB and think it looks great on you! I would keep it!
    The hobo is nice looking but it looks like the size is a lot bigger, might be TOO big for you??? Are you looking to save money though, there is a big price difference for sure!
    Not a fan of the Cotton Club Tote myself.
  14. Thanks for all the opinions, ladies! I am on the hunt for a large bag that I can put lots of stuff in and is super functional. There just aren't alot of Chanel bags that fit that bill. I think I'm not sure if I want a structured tote or a slouchy hobo.

    I still love the Coco Cabas but I'm not sure that I can put as much stuff in it as I could fit in the PB. Does anyone know the answer to this question? (Plus there seem to be none left in the US and I am not a fan of eBay. I've been burned by a fake before.)
  15. I like the PB. The Laura Merkin did not do that much for me.