Chanel Paper shopping bag in leather??

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  1. Hi everyone this is my first thread here :biggrin:
    I just came across this on the internet


    I tought it was very interesting! I tried to look if a thread about this bag had been started but I didnt find anything.
    I loved that runway and I think the idea of making the paper shopping bags into purses is quite fun.
    Is there anyone here that owns this modell? If not what do you think about it? would you buy it? Any info or feedback about this bag is wellcome ;)

    I love it! but I wonder if I would like to pay that much for a bag that looks like a paper bag?
    Anyway i think the leather version is gorgeous

  2. I have a Chanel Leather Shopping Bag. Not the same version as this one. But still, a shopping bag! Not in brilliant condition. I bought it because of the novelty value.
  3. I would put the money towards a classic flap or other proper purse BUT if you like it that's all that matters
  4. It's had a lot of mixed press. I think it's ironic and iconic.

    I think it would make a great shopping bag for a man to carry.
  5. ^ interesting point for men to carry! haha never thought of that b4!

    i am so totally not feeling the shopping bag thingy Chanel came otu with. Definetly creative, but not something I would buy!
  6. Hi Antonio Loredo and welcome to Chanel sub-forum :biggrin:
    I fell in love with these shopping bags when they first were released
    and then just checking them in real life made me want to get it but then..
    the price tag was not worth it in my opinion!!

    OHH!! Ok now I might get it for my boyfriend lol
  7. Not my favorite.I think if you wait a bit they will all be on sale if they arent already...........but if you love it go for it!!!!
  8. If you think you'll make good use of it - why not?

    It's true what others have said - it's more KL than CC

    It's like a Chanel bag with a wink;)
  9. It's a either you love it or hate it bag. I personally think if it's sold at a much lower price, it's fun to have one. But if you love it a lot, it's worthwhile to wait for it to be put on sale.
  10. ^Yeah a few members on the forum have a similar bag! i think its cute but its a lot of money for a bag that looks like a shopping I would probably use that money towards one of my HG bags. If you like it then for for it!
  11. If money is not an issue I would definitely recommend this for you. Goodluck! It's pretty and unique, it's a crowd pleaser.
  12. I would like to get one when it goes sale, does the next sale season will be during Christmas time?
  13. Thanks everyone for your comments and for wellcoming me to the forum
    I think many of you are right and it is better to wait until the bag goes on sale. At a lower price I will feel less guilty of owning this bag.