Chanel Packaging ribbon

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  1. Forgive me if this has already been discussed(tried searching for a topic like this one). I was wondering what you ladies do with your ribbons(ones used to tie on the boxes or shopping bags)? I alway look forward to having my gift wrapped because of the ribbon. I start to two gifts in one:love: . I wear mine as a headband, ponytail tie, around my wrist, as a choker. Recently received a gift and got excited when I saw they wrapped it in a gold version of the traditional black and white. I guess it was for the holiday season.

    Am I the only one that keeps mine:smile: ?
  2. I haven't seen the gold ribbon. Do you have a picture?
  4. :smile: I do my best to take a picture when I get home.
  5. I keep mine, or rather, I don't throw them away. I have no idea where they are though. Even the one from last week's shoe purchase is lost. (But not thrown out!)
  6. i use them as bookmarks.

  7. me too, i don't throw them out, but i really don't know where mine are either.
  8. I keep them in my drawer, I don't use them for anything.
  9. I've never gotten one :sad:
    Do you guys them w/ your Chanel boutique purchses only? Or if you ask NM to giftwrap?
  10. They use the ribbon to tie the handles of the black shopping bag together. They keep the ribbon quite long so it hangs down the sides a bit. I've never asked them to gift-wrap.
  11. here is a the pic a promised. Sorry ladies about the pic. Too late to late to catch natural sunlight. I assumed this is complimentary. Atleast in here in O-town. My SA, Cassandra, always wraps up all my purchases really pretty with out me ever asking:love:
    Chanel gold ribbon.jpg
  12. aaww:sad: Swanky. I just know for sure with Chanel Boutiques it is suppose to be complimentary. I am unsure of NM.
  13. :love: Love that idea