Chanel P.N.Y

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  1. Does anybody here know sth about this bag?

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  2. What do you want to know about it?
  3. price or where to buy one? thanks
  4. The Chanel Paris New York Collection (PNY) is from Fall 2006. It was very popular and this PNY expandable flap was very popular. It is completely sold out. This bag retailed for $2,225. Your only hope is the secondary / resale market ( eBay, resellers, etc.)

    Be careful though, there were fakes made so be sure to have any auction or pictures authenticated before comitting to buy.
  5. thank you for your quick reply. How can I check the SN real or not from Chanel?
  6. Wow, I love this bag and the color - one can dream :smile:)))))
  7. SN - serial number?

    You need to post pictures of it in the authentication thread. We'll be able to know by looking at it.
  8. here are the pictures, pls check them for me, thanks a lot

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.