Chanel oval authenticity code on chain?

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  1. #1 Sep 22, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2010
    Has Chanel ever placed the oval authenticity plate on the chain itself? I know they have done it on the lobster clasp, back of the CC and on a plate hanging from the chain...but never directly on the chain. KWIM?

    I was at a consignment boutique today and saw a CC necklace, from the permanent collection and it had the oval plaque directly on the silver was weird and seemed WAY off to me.

    MODS: I tried to find where to post this but couldn't find a better thread. Please remove/move if I put it in the wrong place. Thank you!
  2. I have for simple charm on chain... if the oval stamp is on the chain near the lobster clasp. Hope that helps.
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    OMG! Do you happen to have a picture of it? It just looked so odd to me! Is it on a small, simple CC charm...the one with the clear stones. It was just right on the chain, next to the lobster clasp. Is that possibly an older style? I just wasn't aware Chanel did that. What year is yours from? If it is authentic, I want to call first thing in the morning and pick it up!! Thank you.
  4. Does this help? My belt has the oval stamp on the chain, which is also next to the hook. Excuse my hook, it's broken.


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  5. Thank you, Sophie! Yes, this one is a good pic! Of course, the oval stamp is a nice size and easier to read! The one I saw almost needed a magnifying glass!! It was such a good price, I bet it is gone. :sad: I will call right when they open and hope for the best!! They no longer put them on the chains, do they? I have never seen this on newer pieces! BTW, that looks like a fabulous belt!!

    I was just on your website. I have a vintage Jumbo I just bought and want to authenticate on your site prior to doing a reveal! I guess if I am lucky and can get this necklace I will authenticate that with you as well!! Fingers crossed!

    I wish I could see one on a small Chanel piece. It looked like such an odd place to put it. Are the small CC's very, very light weight? It just had no weight to it!
  6. ^Placement of the oval plate was common in the early 2000s as you can see my belt was from Summer 2001. My CC is dangling and very small so an oval plate would not fit on it.
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    I found one on ebay. The pics aren't enough to authenticate but I am positive it is the same one. Does this at least look promising (not confirming authenticity, just that they did in fact have logos on the chain, in that general area, like that)? I feel like the date on it was 06 on the left and V on the is so tiny it could have been an 08 and on the right a V. They are holding the necklace for me for a few hours. The thing is they don't offer refunds at this boutique...which makes me so nervous! I have found some amazing, authentic designer finds there.
  8. The placement of the oval stamp looks about right. Yes, should be one of the simple charms dangling on a simple chain.

    I believe that V represents more of the classic line; usually comes 00V. The seasonal pieces would have the 09C or something.... similar to the handbag and RTW tags. HTH
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    I have this exact same necklace from 10P but is actually a continuous line, so therefore, the oval marking is 10V (meaning made in 2010 and a permanent line). Sometime around 2008 or 2009 Chanel marks their costume jewelry with the year and V for permanent line but specify the year of make on the oval. The label on the box, on the other hand, is marked 00V. In the past, CJs were also marked 00V on the oval marker, but people prefer that the year be marked so collectors can date CJs with precision.


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  10. From looking at the pictures in that auction, it looks like both sides of the oval plaque is sautoired to the chain, making it stiff and not dangling. It shouldn't be sautoried like that.

    Which boutique are you referring to? Chanel or a resale store? I am confused.
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    The oval plate is not normally sautered onto the chain on an authentic CC charm necklace. Sophie's belt is a different story.

    You should post a picture in the Chanel ATC thread.
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    Oh no!! :sad: I just picked it up an hour ago...they could only hold it so long. Yeah, it is sautiered directly on the chain, not hanging off it. I have the small and large matriochka doll necklaces, the small chinese doll necklace and a snowy pearl CC and none of them are like this...that is why it concerned me. I guess I wasn't clear enough. My bad.

    Sophie, I always call it a consignment boutique but it is a resale shop. I have found authentic Chanel,Louis, Fendi, Hermes, etc there. Since the new manager started there I noticed a few good fakes slide through and they started a new policy where they will not accept returns if it isn't authentic. I know!! Such crap. They said they will try their best to be thorough but they can make mistakes, not professional authenticators.

    Mon, I would post on the ATC thread but I don't have a link, just a receipt from today. Would you recommend I try my best to take the pics (I'm a horrible photographer and this stamp is super tiny) and have it authenticated on your other site for $5, I don't mind paying I just hate wasting ur time if my photos aren't sufficent? I would be so upset if it is fake. Everything else looks good. Chain, clasp, box, even the engravings itself are shockingly accurate, imo. I even drove an hour each way to pick it up. She brought in earrings too so I grabbed them because I wanted to show you those, they are really accurate. I think the code says 08 V.

    Saks4me--is yours directly on the chain or on a charm dangling from the chain? Where did u purchase it and do u happen to have a pic? This has been a very bad week for me!! <Sigh :sad:
    How much are these at the Chanel boutique? Aren't they around 200? I should've just done that instead of risking any money, gas and time. I wish they would refund me. I just found some amazing scarves there and they were confirmed as authentic so I don't want to create a scene and them not call me when new stuff comes in..I will just have to suck it up and throw them away.

    Also, regarding that ebay auction. Someone should ask that seller for a close up pic, because if it is fake we need to get it off ebay!!! She is asking for $270!!!!! When I get home I will ask. She said in the listing she sold other Chanels in the past, I want to investigate those too!
  13. Oh dear! Had I known it was the CC crystal necklace, I would had posted pictures yesterday. I misunderstood and thought you were referring to general chains with oval plaque placed on chains.

    This resale shop will have to refund you if it is proven fake. It is illegal to sell fakes.
  14. I have never seen a fake like this...where so much is accurate. So everyone agrees it has to be fake? Yeah, I find too many amazing things to cause a scene over this. I am just going to cut my losses and mark it as a lesson learned, trust my instincts next time. So upsetting. I appreciate your input. I just don't understand why the scammers wouldn't go the extra mile and make the tag hang, it seems easier than putting it on the chain, KWIM? And the code, engravings look so good. Even the detail on the box is so accurate. Crazy!!
  15. Why don't you start a thread asking owners of this necklace to post pictures of their oval plaque?