Chanel outlet

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  1. What do they usually have there? Just stuff that went on sale and didn't sell at regular stores? Or do they have some classic bags/accessories, too?
  2. I heard they have clothing, shoes and beauty stuff, but not handbags. I have never been there yet though. I would love to check it out.
  3. The Chanel outlet in Woodbury has everything from bags, clothes, to shoes.
  4. Theres a outlet in Woodbury?..Wheres that,what state?
  5. Ooh... what kinds of bags do they have?
  6. I was there a few days ago and saw the big tweed bag (the one that Linday Lohan and Mischa Barton have..) but in different color.. It was additional 40% off outlet price.. pretty good deal.. and I saw some camel color quilted chain bag.. they were all breautiful!!!
  7. Woodbury is in NY. I may be going there tomorrow. And if I am, then I am definitely stopping by the Chanel store!

    Thank you for all your responses!
  8. Which Chanel outlet are you talking about?
  9. Excuse my ignorance :shame: but is there any outlet in Europe? I know about the Italian ones but never found a Chanel outlet!!!
  10. We're talking about the Chanel outlet in Woodbury Commons in Woodbury, NY.

    And I am not sure if there are any outlets in Europe. I believe would have that info. Sorry I am not much help!
  11. I planned a trip to NY for my birthday - in August - so I'll be buying my presents @ Woodbury LOL!!!
    Tks for the tip!!!
  12. there is Chanel outlet here in Den Haag.....

  13. Does anyone have the address? and how far away from Manhattan is it? I'm going to NY for my Easter holidays and i'm so excited about going to a Chanel outlet. I bet it's going to be the most chic outlet ever
  14. :amazed: Wha... where???? More than 4 yrs in this country and never found out??? :weird:
  15. Google "Woodbury" and you'll find the website of the mall including map and transportation (I'm taking the bus from downtown :biggrin: )
    Now, counting the days until August!!! Still too long to wait :sad2: