chanel outlet

  1. Hi heverybody... It's my firs thread..:flowers:
    Hi hope you'll help me..:yes:
    Do you know if in Italy, where I live, there is a Chanel outlet???
    Hi hope so...
    Thank's a lot!!:supacool::upsidedown:
  2. Just want to say, welcome to tPF milo! I don't know of Chanel outlets in Italy but I am sure someone will help you out....
  3. do chanel outlets exist? if so where?
  4. Thanks Rose, I'm so happy to have joined you...:yahoo: :yahoo:
  5. young_princess, there is a Chanel outlet in Woodbury Commons, NY. I don't know of anymore, but there might be one in CA or FL.
  6. The woodbury commons one is a hit or a miss, I would suggest to everyone going in the first couple of weeks during a huge sale, or the first day of the sale because they save up on their items. i actually got my first chanel there!
  7. I don't know where there are any outlets but welcome to the PF.
  8. The SA's at Woodbury common are really nice. They don't mind you calling in to ask what they have in stock and they will ship to you.
  9. I think the NY one is the only one in the states and I do not think they have one in Europe. Prada does in Northern Italy but not Chanel.
  10. Ciao Mino!! Benvenuto!!! :P :yahoo:
  11. Welcome Mino,
    I'm Italian but I'll write in English so everyone understand us...
    I don't think there are Chanel outlets in Italy or at least I've never heard before.
  12. Ciao, hi everybody...

    tanks for everything:yes: :P !!!:heart: